We appreciate your continued custom!

  • Customers automatically enroll in our QC-Rewards Customer Loyalty Programme with every order of US$50 or over.
  • You earn One QC-Point  for every $50 spent on our store.
  • You may convert these QC-Points for Discount Vouchers for 1.5x or Bonus Pills for 2x
    its value!
  • For example 20 QC-Points entitles you $30 discount or 40 bonus pills! Redeeming bonus pills may give you better value than a discount for more expensive medications.

How do I claim QC-Rewards?

  • QC-Points will only be approved on packages safely received by the customer. Until such time they will appear as pending on your account.
  • Once you receive the package, log in to Your Account > My Orders Section. Find the correct order and click on the details button.  Please confirm the receipt by pressing the yellow button on your order detail page.
  • To redeem your QC-Points as a discount, please use the Transform my points into a voucher link in Your Account > My loyalty points section. The generated voucher code is available in the My Vouchers section.
  • There is a minimum order value of USD 100 to redeem a voucher. Simply use the voucher code in the correct page when making your next order.
  • To redeem your QC-Points as a bonus pills, please send us a message with how many points you wish to redeem after placing your new order. You must have a minimum of 5 points to redeem. In most cases bonus pills present better value than the monetary  discount.

Terms and Conditions

  • There is a minimum order quantity of 100 to redeem bonus pills. Maximum number of bonus pills that can be redeemed at one time is 100%.
  • QC-Points are not available on products already discounted by any other offer.
  • Points can be redeemed as bonus for vials, injections, US to US products
  • Any refunded/reshipped/cancelled orders will forefeit the equivalent QC-Points earned.
  • QC-Points are only valid for the year they were issued. All unused QC-Points will expire on the 31st of December at midnight (IST).
  • We reserve the right to ammend the terms and conditions of this offer, including its termination at any time.


Discounts or Bonus Pills for some payment types

Pay through Money Transfer / Bank Wire in US Dollar Currency and get 20% bonus pills or 5% off the order value (depending on the order).

Now it is even more easier to get bonus pills by paying through Bitcoin at absolutely no cost to you. We recommend the Circle app (also online) to buy Bitcoins through your debit card for orders under $300 free of any additional fees.

Here is a great guide on what bitcoins are and how to get them.