Fund your account with PayPal and buy products on our website

Now you can use PayPal to add funds to your account with us. 

You will need to buy $100 and $250 vouchers on a third-party website. These vouchers carry a 20% premium to cover the costs of this service. The price of $100 voucher is $120 and $250 voucher costs $300 respectively. However, we will add 10% bonus pills similar to Bitcoin payments to compensate part of the extra cost.

Please email us the the amount you want to fund your account with. Only multiples of $100 or $250 will be accepted as valid amounts. This amount should exceed your cart value. We will send you the links to make PayPal payments. Please forward the PayPal confirmation emails once you have paid.

We will send you voucher codes to utilise when placing the order. You will be automatically issued a new voucher code for any remaining balance, which can be used for future purchases.

  • Vouchers never expire. You can use any remaining balance in your account for future purchases.
  • You will need to buy the vouchers and fund your account BEFORE placing your order.
  • You should buy vouchers in excess of your cart value.
  • Vouchers are valid only for the account it was purchased from.
  • Payments are USD only. If you want to pay in GBP please contact us for options.