Shipment Origin

Packages can originate from three locations. Most products are shipped by our own store located in Sri Lanka (Store Originated Shipments). However some medications are not available or are in limited supply in our country, and we have appointed two suppliers to send out these products directly from India (Supplier Direct Shipments).

Some additional Terms & Conditions apply to Supplier Direct Shipments and are mentioned below.

  1. Products originating from different suppliers, as well as between suppliers and our store cannot be combined. This would only cause an inconvenience if you use Express Mail, because you will have to pay for separate shipments if the order contains products from different suppliers.
  2. If your order contains products from more than one supplier (Please note: We do not mean manufacturers; There are many manufacturers, while there are only three suppliers including our store), you will receive separate invoices for each supplier including any applicable shipping charge.
  3. Cash refunds are not possible for Supplier Direct Shipments. Store Credit will be issued for any returned products that can offset any future purchase.
  4. It may take additional time to respond to your questions about products or shipments originating from Suppliers, as we have to contact them and await their reply. However we do not expect the delay to be more than two working days.
  5. Supplier Direct Shipments are not available for the following countries:  Ghana, Nigeria, Indonesia, Yugoslavia, Lithuania, Egypt, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Russia, Pakistan, Malaysia, Ukraine, Guam, Namibia, Thailand, Salvador, Sweden, Cambodia, Canada,Oman, Morocco, Congo, Laos, Ethiopia, Sri Lanka, Gabon, Gambia, Nepal, Palau, Senegal, Malawi, Algeria, Angola, Afghanistan, Belarus, Haiti, Nicaragua, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Sudan, Slovenia & Rwanda.