Shipment Origin

Most products are shipped from India. We also have some products available in USA, UK, EU, and Singapore. You can benefit from lesser risk of customs problems and faster delivery by ordering from our domestic or regional stock. Singapore shipments are generaly faster than from India.

Shipping Methods 

Packages are generally dispatched within 3 business days after receipt of payment and are shipped via Standard Air Mail. We cannot provide any proof of shipping with this method. However if your package does not arrive on time we will resend the item absolutely FREE. 

You may upgrade your shipping method by selecting the appropriate shipping option. However most shipping methods cannot be tracked online now due to changes in USPS procedure. However you may be able to trace a package by calling USPS with the shipement reference number we provide in the event of non-delivery.

USPS considers international packages as "Priority Mail with Signature Confirmation". Therefore the addressee or their spouse must sign for the package. If you are not available at the time of delivery, you may have to collect your package from the post office or arrange for a redelivery. You may choose to mention "Signature Waived" as the second line of your address. It is likely that USPS will honour this request although we cannot guarantee this. It is dependent on your local post office policy.

Express Mail Service (EMS) is available for major destinations. Although more expensive, EMS offers a faster delivery time as well as full tracking information.  

Shipments from Singapore will be sent as Registered Post articles. However they are generally faster than Registered Mail articles from India. They can also be tracked online.

For a list of estimated delivery times to different countries using the above shipping methods please visit our Shipping Times page. 


For tracking, please visit your local postal service website or visit

  • For example USPS with Registered Mail,
  • Visit USPS tracking website.
  • Use the 13 character Registration Number to perform the search
  • Until the package leaves India it will display "Record Not Found" message
  • Once it leaves India and detected by USPS it will display "Origin post preparing shipment" message (although the item has already left India.)
  • Once it reaches US full tracking is available
  • EMS:  More detailed tracking will be available on the same page for items sent via EMS


All shipments are made in padded envelopes. Padded envelopes are strong against tearing effects and convenient, but rough handling by postal workers may damage the individual item's external box with this method, especially those in soft cartons. We do not provide any warranty for the box, however if the individual pills are damaged due to transit you are eligible for a refund.

In Discrete Packaging we will ship your order concealed in an innocuous every-day item. This will virtually eliminate the possibility of rejection of your item by the local Customs. We highly recommend this method if you are ordering some medicines. The extra cost includes the price of the other item, extra added weight, and Registration Cost.

Shipping Destinations

We currently do not ship any medications to Canada due to customs issues. We also do not ship some products to Australia due to the same reasons. However you may order these products if you are willing to share the cost of reshipping in the event of non-delivery.

We do not ship to EU from India. However we can ship to most EU countries from Singapore, UK or EU depending on stock availability. Please select one of these options if you are ordering from an EU country.